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Biden’s Campaign Mocks Trump with Fox Ads During GOP Debate

Biden’s Campaign Mocks Trump with Fox Ads During GOP Debate

President Joe Biden’s campaign has purchased airtime on Fox Business Network, Fox News, and Univision to air two new political ads before and during the Republican presidential debate. The debate, hosted by Fox Business, will be broadcast simultaneously on Fox News and Univision. It will feature seven Republican candidates, excluding Donald Trump, who has chosen to address autoworkers in Michigan instead. The Biden campaign plans to unveil an ad targeting Latino voters, titled “The Difference,” which highlights the administration’s economic message compared to that of the GOP. They have also released an ad titled “Delivers,” which focuses on Trump’s record with union laborers.

The Biden campaign aims to reach swing voters in key battleground states through their ad strategy. The $25 million television and digital ad push will target Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Wisconsin. These states saw narrow margins of victory in the 2020 election. Additionally, the campaign is prioritizing Hispanic and African-American voters by placing ads in media outlets specific to these communities. They seek to contrast Biden’s advocacy for working Americans with Trump’s broken promises.

With the GOP primary lacking competition against Trump, the Biden campaign may have acquired a discounted rate for their Fox ads. According to Semafor, Fox has slashed its advertising prices for the second debate. The Biden campaign is emphasizing accountability and highlighting the stark contrast between their policies and Trump’s record. They are positioning Biden as a champion of working Americans and asserting that the election will be a choice between their vision and a repeat of Trump’s broken promises.

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