Home Technology YouTube testing color-coordinated video feeds in new trial.

YouTube testing color-coordinated video feeds in new trial.

YouTube testing color-coordinated video feeds in new trial.

YouTube is currently testing a new feature that allows users to filter videos on their home feed by color, creating a more visually cohesive and pleasing experience when browsing. The feature, which is an experimental one, has not been widely rolled out and is only available to select users on Android and iOS mobile devices. It prompts users to create a video feed by selecting from red, blue, or green hues.

The unique feature allows users to select a color filter without replacing their existing homepage feed. Instead, the color-coordinated results appear as a new feed option located at the top of the YouTube app. While the exact method of filtering videos by color is not entirely clear, the feature appears to be entirely an aesthetic choice as there’s nothing to otherwise connect the filtered results by theme or content. Despite this, color harmony is a marketing strategy that is widely used across various industries, with a widely cited study finding that up to 90 percent of our assessment of products is based on color alone.

Users on Lemmy have pointed out that this new feature could also be a data collection strategy to monitor how often YouTube users engage with certain colors. Regardless of the motive behind it, the color filter option is a neat feature for individuals who enjoy customizing their apps entirely based on aesthetics and vibes.

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