Home Technology Upcoming ‘Destiny 2’ Into The Light Weapons Release Schedule

Upcoming ‘Destiny 2’ Into The Light Weapons Release Schedule

Upcoming ‘Destiny 2’ Into The Light Weapons Release Schedule

The article discusses the timegating of certain weapons in Destiny 2’s “Into the Light,” cautioning players to hold back on excessive grinding until more weapons are released. Bungie has reduced the timegating but has provided a schedule for the upcoming weapon releases over the next few weeks. Currently, players can access specific weapons through quests and drops, including Edge Transit, Recluse, Falling Guillotine, and others.

One of the main points of contention is the limited edition “shiny” versions of these weapons, which have unique shaders and four perk options. These shinies are time-limited and offer only fixed rolls with limited customization options. The drop rates for shiny versions are low, making them a challenging grind to obtain. While the appeal of shiny versions is high, the time constraint adds pressure to players seeking these exclusive weapons.

To avoid burnout, the author advises limiting grinding efforts until all weapons are released, suggesting a strategic approach to acquiring coveted weapons like Mountaintop and Midnight Coup. The article concludes by offering social media links and promoting the author’s sci-fi novels, providing a comprehensive overview of weapon availability and strategies for players in Destiny 2’s “Into the Light.”

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