Home Technology Twitter/X CEO Unaware of Elon Musk’s Mandatory Fee Scheme

Twitter/X CEO Unaware of Elon Musk’s Mandatory Fee Scheme

Twitter/X CEO Unaware of Elon Musk’s Mandatory Fee Scheme

During an interview at the 2023 Code Conference, Twitter/X CEO Linda Yaccarino appeared unaware of Elon Musk’s plans to impose a mandatory monthly fee for users on the platform. This lack of knowledge suggests a breakdown in communication between Yaccarino and Musk, the owner of Twitter/X. Yaccarino’s inability to answer questions about the fee and her attempts to divert attention to her role at Twitter/X and praise Musk raised concerns about the company’s direction.

Yaccarino’s dodging of the question regarding Musk’s plans for a paid website persisted despite being asked multiple times. She also made a remark about having Musk as a colleague, stating that almost everyone would want him running the product. However, this statement was met with laughter from the crowd, highlighting the disparity between Yaccarino’s perception and public opinion. Given the widespread criticism of Musk’s leadership and the exodus of users and advertisers, it is unlikely that the enthusiasm for him as a colleague is as high as Yaccarino suggests.

Additionally, Yaccarino responded to comments made by Yoel Roth, Twitter’s former head of trust and safety who voiced concerns about Musk’s actions personally endangering him. Yaccarino tried to downplay the differences between X and Twitter, emphasizing X as a new company built on free expression and freedom of speech. Nevertheless, Yaccarino’s ignorance of Musk’s monetization plans might indicate that they have not been seriously discussed or implemented. However, it remains unclear if Yaccarino will hold Musk accountable for Twitter/X’s missteps or curb his unpredictable decision-making.

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