Home Finance News Top 5 Costco Money-Saving Tricks in Under 13 Words

Top 5 Costco Money-Saving Tricks in Under 13 Words

Top 5 Costco Money-Saving Tricks in Under 13 Words

Costco is known for its low prices, but there are additional tricks to save even more money at the warehouse club. Firstly, it is recommended to avoid shopping online as the prices are usually higher compared to in-store purchases. While online shopping offers a wider range of products, it is generally more expensive. Unless you are only buying a few items and the cost of gas would outweigh the in-store savings, it is best to visit a physical Costco location.

Another tip is to refrain from ordering two-day delivery unless you are purchasing at least $75 worth of products. While the grocery items eligible for two-day delivery may seem tempting, spending less than $75 will result in shipping charges. People tend to spend more than they intended to in order to avoid these charges. To truly save money at Costco, it is advised to only order two-day delivery if you have a genuine need for $75 worth of products.

Signing up for the Executive membership, which costs $120 a year compared to the $60 basic membership, can be another money-saving tactic. The Executive membership offers 2% cash back on all Costco purchases, including online orders. Once you spend over $3,000 a year at Costco, the cash back earned will offset the cost of the upgraded membership. If you spend around $5,000 annually, the Executive membership will actually save you $40.

Additionally, it is wise to avoid lingering in the front area of the store where new and discounted items are displayed. These displays may tempt you into making impulse buys before you even start your shopping. By staying away from these areas unless you specifically need something from there, you can resist the urge to spend unnecessary money. Lastly, Costco offers price adjustments within 30 days of purchase, so it’s worth checking if any items you recently bought have been discounted. Overall, saving money at Costco requires strategic shopping decisions and taking advantage of the perks the store offers.

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