Home Finance News Today’s live updates on the stock market in 13 words.

Today’s live updates on the stock market in 13 words.

Today’s live updates on the stock market in 13 words.

U.S. stock futures remained relatively stable on Sunday following Iran’s missile and drone strike on Israel and heightened equity market volatility that resulted in significant losses in major indices the previous week. The Dow Jones Industrial Average faced its worst week of the year as it shed 2.4%, while the S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite Index also experienced declines. Concerns of retaliation linger as Iran’s attack on Israel marked the first direct strike from Iranian territory.

Despite rising tensions in the Middle East, oil prices showed a slight decrease on Sunday, possibly alleviating some concerns in the market. Analysts are closely watching for Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s response to the attack, as the Biden administration has made clear its stance against Israeli retaliation. The possibility of a relief rally in the markets remains if Netanyahu follows U.S. advice, although expectations for a significant oil price retracement are low.

In the upcoming week, investors will focus on earnings reports from Goldman Sachs and M&T Bank, as well as economic data releases such as retail sales, business inventories, and manufacturing numbers. Treasury yields fluctuated throughout the week, initially rising due to consecutive higher-than-expected CPI readings before easing on Friday amid geopolitical tensions. The market outlook remains uncertain as concerns about inflation and global instability persist.

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