Home Finance News Today’s live updates from the stock market in real time.

Today’s live updates from the stock market in real time.

Today’s live updates from the stock market in real time.

US stock futures remained relatively unchanged as investors awaited the Federal Reserve’s policy decision. Dow Jones Industrial Average futures were flat, while S&P 500 futures dipped slightly and Nasdaq 100 futures saw a slight increase. Wall Street had a positive session with the Dow advancing 320 points, the S&P 500 rising approximately 0.6%, and the Nasdaq Composite adding about 0.4%.

Investors have been observing a shift in the market with recent weakness in tech stocks and a rally in other sectors. Communication services, energy, and utilities stocks led the S&P 500, while semiconductor stocks, including the VanEck Semiconductor ETF, experienced a decline. Amidst concerns about the Fed’s reaction to hot inflation reports, investors will be paying close attention to the dot plot for hints on the timing of rate cuts, with some expecting cuts to start in June. In the upcoming days, corporate earnings reports from Micron Technology and General Mills are also anticipated.

Liz Ann Sonders, Chief Investment Strategist at Charles Schwab, noted that the market’s rotation and churn indicate economic resilience, highlighting a more cyclical bias in the current market trends. As the market awaits the Fed’s decision, the focus remains on the sustainability of economic growth and potential implications of inflation reports on future rate cuts. Overall, market observers are closely monitoring developments in various sectors and corporate earnings reports for insights into the evolving market landscape.

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