Home Technology Telegram transforms into WeChat-like super app in under 13 words.

Telegram transforms into WeChat-like super app in under 13 words.

Telegram transforms into WeChat-like super app in under 13 words.

Popular messaging app Telegram is moving closer to adopting an ecosystem strategy similar to that of WeChat. Telegram is working on a platform where third-party developers can build mini apps to engage with users. To develop this super app platform, Telegram is partnering with Tencent Cloud, the owner of WeChat. Tencent Cloud will provide support for TON Foundation, which handles the blockchain infrastructure for Telegram. The partnership could be mutually beneficial as developers from WeChat may begin building on TON, leveraging their experience with Tencent’s cloud service. However, developers will need to familiarize themselves with Telegram and learn programming languages for blockchain apps.

WeChat, the pioneer of the mini app model in China, has millions of mini apps serving various functions such as payments, food delivery, and ride-hailing. Telegram’s mini app ecosystem, with its decentralized payments network, has the potential to reach a broader range of users globally. Although Tencent Cloud won’t be TON’s exclusive cloud provider, the partners can still benefit from synergies. The partnership with Tencent could provide insights into capturing users’ interest in using a messenger app for multiple purposes, similar to how WeChat’s payment functionality played a crucial role in its growth. While WeChat has its in-house payments system, Telegram has integrated with multiple payment solutions and recently introduced a self-custodial wallet using the TON blockchain.

It will be interesting to see what lessons Telegram and TON learn from WeChat as they develop their mini app platform with a decentralized twist. The partnership with Tencent Cloud opens up opportunities for developers to leverage their skills and capture the diverse needs of Telegram’s international community. Additionally, having a crypto wallet can enable a wide range of transaction scenarios in regions where centralized online payments are not available. As Telegram inches closer to becoming a super app, its collaboration with Tencent Cloud could play a significant role in its success.

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