Home Finance News Taxpayers hustle to file taxes before midnight deadline

Taxpayers hustle to file taxes before midnight deadline

Taxpayers hustle to file taxes before midnight deadline

As Tax day approaches, millions of Americans are scrambling to file their tax returns before the midnight deadline. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has received over 101 million returns as of April 5, with an expected total of 128.7 million individual tax returns to be filed by the deadline. Despite the rush, tax preparers have noted that this tax season has been smoother compared to previous years, with improvements in getting through to IRS representatives on the phone.

One significant change this tax season has been the improvement in IRS callback performance for phone inquiries, with a success rate of 88%. This marks a significant increase from last year’s 15% score. Call wait times have been reduced, and many taxpayers have benefitted from the expanded customer callback option. The IRS’s enhanced services have saved taxpayers 1.4 million hours of time previously spent on hold, providing a more efficient filing experience.

For those unable to meet the deadline, the IRS estimates that 19 million taxpayers will file for an automatic extension. Tax preparers across the country are preparing for a surge in extension filings today. While extensions provide extra time to file returns until October 15, they do not extend the deadline for paying taxes. It is crucial for taxpayers to pay their entire tax bill or as much as they can afford by midnight to avoid penalties and late fees. Overall, this tax season has seen improvements in IRS services and a smoother filing experience for taxpayers across the country.

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