Home Latest News Super PAC revives JFK ad for Super Bowl in support of RFK Jr.

Super PAC revives JFK ad for Super Bowl in support of RFK Jr.

Super PAC revives JFK ad for Super Bowl in support of RFK Jr.

A super PAC in support of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. aired a 30-second ad during the Super Bowl, re-creating a vintage political ad used to promote John F. Kennedy’s 1960 presidential campaign to cast it in support of his nephew’s independent 2024 run. The ad, funded by American Values 2024, is a modern remake of the original 60-second “Kennedy for Me” ad, featuring a shortened version of the 1960 jingle. The lyrics take on new meaning in a race in which Kennedy’s top two competitors are facing criticism for their advanced age.

Kennedy’s campaign has highlighted his family’s political legacy, sharing images of him as a child with his father and his uncle, President John F. Kennedy. However, after the ad aired, Kennedy apologized to members of his family for any disappointment caused, emphasizing that he was not directly involved with the ad’s creation, which was aired by the American Values super PAC. Following the controversy, a video of the ad pinned to the top of Kennedy’s social media profile remained, along with a donation link to his campaign.

It’s no secret that RFK Jr. has spread misinformation about vaccines and made controversial comments about the coronavirus. Several members of the Kennedy clan have spoken out against him, with four of his siblings calling his candidacy “dangerous to our country,” and JFK’s only grandson criticizing RFK Jr.’s 2024 run. These criticisms have sparked a debate within the Kennedy family about the appropriateness of Kennedy’s political activities.

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