Home Latest News Sea-Tac Airport expressway reopens following pro-Palestinian protest.

Sea-Tac Airport expressway reopens following pro-Palestinian protest.

Sea-Tac Airport expressway reopens following pro-Palestinian protest.

Pro-Palestinian protesters in Seattle caused a major disruption by shutting down the expressway to the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport for three hours on Monday afternoon. The protesters blocked the road around 3 p.m., leading to police intervention and tow trucks removing vehicles blocking the traffic. Despite the chaos, travelers were seen walking on the road toward the airport with their luggage, as flight operations were impacted with delays and cancellations.

The demonstration was part of a global call for an economic blockade on Tax Day, with protesters expressing frustration over the ongoing conflict in Gaza and the use of tax money to fund military operations. Specifically, the protesters pointed to Alaska Airlines’ partnership with Boeing, a company that supplies military equipment to the Israel Defense Forces. The protest in Seattle was part of a larger movement that saw roadways being blocked in multiple states, including Illinois, California, New York, and Oregon.

This incident in Seattle is not the first time protesters have disrupted traffic in the city to raise awareness about global issues. In a similar protest in January, demonstrators shut down northbound I-5 for hours, causing significant traffic congestion. While charges were ultimately referred against some protesters, prosecutors cited lack of evidence to move forward with legal action. The impact of these protests highlights the intersection between activism, public disruption, and the ongoing conflicts that resonate on an international scale.

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