Home Technology Q3 Dominated by Raspberry Pi 5, Steam Deck, and New AMD CPUs

Q3 Dominated by Raspberry Pi 5, Steam Deck, and New AMD CPUs

Q3 Dominated by Raspberry Pi 5, Steam Deck, and New AMD CPUs

Phoronix, a popular website dedicated to Linux and open-source news, has released a summary of the most exciting events and articles from the third quarter. The quarter saw a range of developments, including the launch of the Raspberry Pi 5, advancements in Steam Deck with SteamOS 3.5, new Linux kernel happenings, and the release of AMD processors. The website offers its Phoronix Premium service, which provides an ad-free experience for users who support the site with a monthly fee. The article also mentions the end of the Phoronix Premium Oktoberfest sale.

In terms of featured articles, some of the highlights include benchmarks and performance analyses of various hardware and software. These include the Raspberry Pi 5 benchmarks, comparing the performance of the Apple M2 against AMD Zen 4 mobile processors on Linux, and testing the performance of the AMD Ryzen 7 7840U laptop. Additionally, there are benchmarks evaluating the performance impact of software and microcode updates to mitigate vulnerabilities on AMD and Intel processors. Other featured articles include benchmarking the AMD EPYC 9754 processors, comparing gaming performance between the Steam Deck and ASUS ROG Ally devices, and performance benchmarks of the StarFive VisionFive 2 quad-core RISC-V development board.

The article also provides a list of the most popular news articles on Phoronix during the third quarter. These include Firefox outperforming Google Chrome in the SunSpider benchmark, Valve’s contributions to the open-source community and Linux, Linux 6.6 improving protection against NVIDIA’s proprietary driver, and the resignation of the maintainer of the NVIDIA open-source “Nouveau” Linux kernel driver. There are also articles addressing challenges with using Linux on airplanes and the increasing market share of AMD CPUs among Linux gamers.

Overall, the article summarizes the exciting events and articles from the third quarter in the Linux and open-source world, highlighting significant hardware launches, software developments, and benchmarking analyses. The Phoronix Premium service is also mentioned as a way for users to support the website and access an ad-free experience.

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