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Powell Industries: No Longer a Winner

Powell Industries: No Longer a Winner

In this news article, CNBC’s “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer provides his rapid-fire answers to callers’ stock questions. When asked about Solaris, Cramer describes it as an inexpensive stock in the oil field play that he likes. He believes it is a good speculative investment. However, when questioned about CVS, he expresses concerns about the company’s inability to address the theft problem effectively, leading him to advise against investing in it for now.

Moving on to Powell Industries, Cramer views it as a profitable company operating in the infrastructure and electricity market. He considers this sector to be a great play for 2023, suggesting that Powell Industries is poised for success. Another stock discussed is Cal-Maine Foods, whose year-to-date stock performance is highlighted. Cramer doesn’t offer any specific comments on the company. Finally, when discussing Boeing, he mentions that the company made a mistake by selling a lot of its contractors and still doesn’t feel right. He suggests that the stock could potentially go lower.

In summary, Cramer shares his thoughts on various stocks during the lightning round segment of his show. He expresses positive views on Solaris and Powell Industries, while raising concerns about CVS and Boeing. Cal-Maine Foods is mentioned, but no clear recommendation is provided. As always, Cramer’s rapid responses serve as valuable insights for viewers and investors.

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