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Pittsburgh area inundated by flood waters in some parts

Pittsburgh area inundated by flood waters in some parts

Torrential rains in the Pittsburgh area on Thursday led to widespread flooding, with water rescue crews in Oakdale, Allegheny County, being particularly busy. Businesses near the intersection of Clinton Avenue and First Street were inundated, prompting multiple rescues and leaving the downtown area submerged under several feet of water. Despite ongoing efforts by rescue crews, the exact number of people rescued remains unclear, showcasing the overwhelming power of nature during severe weather events like these.

In addition to Oakdale, Pittsburgh faced its own challenges, with the intersection of Washington Boulevard and Allegheny River Boulevard becoming impassable due to rising water levels, prompting officials to activate floodgates. On Route 51, stranded drivers awaited rescue as flooded roadways left vehicles trapped and one individual stranded on the roof of their car. The closure of westbound Interstate 376 (Parkway West) due to flooding compounded the city’s woes, underscoring the dangers posed by driving through floodwaters and the importance of heeding safety warnings to prevent further incidents.

As the Pittsburgh area grappled with severe flooding conditions, the National Weather Service issued flash flood warnings across multiple counties, advising against walking or driving through flooded areas. With parts of southwestern Allegheny County and northern Washington County receiving over 4 inches of rain, the region faced an urgent flash flood emergency. Residents in flood-prone zones, like the Borough of Etna, were urged to evacuate for their safety, with shelter options provided for those in need. The situation highlighted the need for swift action and caution during extreme weather events, emphasizing the potential dangers and risks posed by sudden and severe flooding.

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