Home Technology NVIDIA showcases Covert Protocol Demo with Inworld AI in 13 words.

NVIDIA showcases Covert Protocol Demo with Inworld AI in 13 words.

NVIDIA showcases Covert Protocol Demo with Inworld AI in 13 words.

During the GTC 2024 keynote, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang unveiled a new AI NPC demo, Covert Protocol, powered by Inworld AI, a platform geared towards game development. This demo showcases the integration of Inworld AI’s technology with NVIDIA ACE for Games, the Avatar Cloud Engine platform introduced last year. Microsoft’s partnership with Inworld AI to develop a multiplatform toolset featuring an AI design copilot and a character runtime engine has set the stage for this groundbreaking collaboration.

The NVIDIA ACE platform aims to revolutionize the digital human pipeline by incorporating Riva for automatic speech recognition and text-to-speech, Nemotron LLM for character design customization, NeMo Guardrails for player interaction alignment, and Audio2Face for creating facial animations based on audio input. On the Inworld side, developers can fine-tune specific NPC parameters such as personality, knowledge, goals, scenes, safety, memory, and relationships. The potential of this partnership is reflected in Kylan Gibbs, CEO of Inworld AI’s statement, highlighting the dynamic storytelling possibilities this collaboration unlocks for game developers and players alike.

NVIDIA’s introduction of ‘Digital Human Platform Partners’ at GTC 2024 signals their intention to bring ACE to both game developers and enterprises for customer service applications. The list of partners includes top industry names focused on areas like customer service and gaming NPCs, each leveraging essential components of ACE technology like Riva ASR and Audio2Face to enhance their offerings. This strategic alliance sets the stage for an innovative approach to creating digital characters and pushing the boundaries of interactive storytelling in the gaming industry.

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