Home Technology Norwegian Horror Arriving on Shudder: Get Ready for Chills!

Norwegian Horror Arriving on Shudder: Get Ready for Chills!

Norwegian Horror Arriving on Shudder: Get Ready for Chills!

Norwegian writer-director Kjersti Helen Raasmussen’s new film, “Nightmare,” follows the story of Mona and Robby as they move into a dilapidated apartment haunted by the memory of a deceased pregnant woman. Mona suffers from vivid nightmares and sleep paralysis, causing her to fear falling asleep. As the film progresses, Mona discovers she is pregnant but decides to have an abortion, which adds another layer of complexity to the story. Throughout the film, Mona seeks the help of a sleep specialist named Aksel to escape the clutches of the nightmare creature known as the Mare. While the film has the potential for a compelling and disturbing tale, it falls short in executing its ideas and fails to explore certain aspects of the plot fully.

“Nightmare” draws inspiration from films like “Rosemary’s Baby” and “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” but it also stands as its own entity. Mona’s struggle with her night terrors and her complicated relationship with Robby provide a relatable and emotional backbone to the story. The film sets a tense and hostile atmosphere with unsettling sounds and a dreary apartment building. However, it falls into dragging at times, especially when the story is not confined to Mona’s dream world. The potential conspiracy angle and the sinister history of the apartment building are hinted at but never fully explored. Despite these drawbacks, Eili Harboe delivers an emotionally wrenching performance as Mona, capturing the audience’s attention and sympathy.

While “Nightmare” doesn’t fully deliver on its promises, it does touch on important themes such as pregnancy, choice, and women’s experiences in the medical field. Mona’s decision to have an abortion adds a layer of complexity to her struggle with the Mare and highlights the importance of a woman’s autonomy over her own body. The film also sheds light on the mistreatment and lack of empathy Mona faces from her OB/GYN, emphasizing the need for better healthcare practices. Overall, while “Nightmare” falls short in execution, it offers a unique perspective and tackles significant issues surrounding women’s choices and experiences in a haunting and eerie setting.

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