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New York City declares state of emergency due to flash floods

New York City declares state of emergency due to flash floods

A state of emergency has been declared in New York City as powerful storms bring flash flooding to the area. The city’s subway systems, streets, and highways have been affected, with one terminal at LaGuardia Airport closing. Heavy rain, with up to five inches falling overnight, is expected to continue, prompting New York state governor Kathy Hochul to declare the situation as dangerous and life-threatening. She has issued a state of emergency for New York City, Long Island, and the Hudson Valley, urging residents to stay safe and avoid traveling on flooded roads. Mayor Eric Adams has also emphasized the need for heightened caution and alertness, as flooding disrupts transportation and leaves streets and subways submerged.

Images and videos circulating on social media show residents navigating knee-deep waters, illustrating the impact of the heavy rainfall. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority and the New York Police Department have advised people to stay home and avoid unnecessary travel. The flood warnings issued by the weather service currently affect approximately 18 million people in the New York metropolitan area and other major cities along the East Coast. The situation highlights the urgent need for residents to prioritize their safety and take precautions during this severe storm.

As the rain continues, authorities are closely monitoring the situation and providing updates to ensure the safety of residents in the affected areas. The state of emergency declaration allows for resources and assistance to be mobilized swiftly to address the flooding and its consequences. It serves as a reminder of the increasing challenges posed by extreme weather events and the importance of implementing measures to adapt to and mitigate their impacts.

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