Home Business Is this Britain’s top service station?

Is this Britain’s top service station?

Is this Britain’s top service station?

Tebay Services in Cumbria’s Lake District is not your average motorway service stop. As one of the only independently owned, farmer-run services in the UK, Tebay Services stands out with its unique offerings. Set in a picturesque location, the building is made of local stone and slate and is surrounded by beautiful scenery. Inside, there are no chain outlets, with travellers being treated to homemade meals, locally sourced produce, and unique items from local makers. Tebay Services has become a destination in its own right, attracting over four million visitors each year.

The story of Tebay Services began when the Department for Transport planned to build the M6 and acquired a large portion of Dunning’s parents’ farmland. Seeing an opportunity, Dunning’s parents decided to open a refuel site and café on the land. Since then, Tebay Services has expanded with a southbound site and now employs around 400 staff. The remaining farmland is still in the family, with sheep being supplied to Tebay for the café and butcher’s. The focus on using every part of the animal is exemplified by the selling of sheepskins turned into rugs and footstools.

Tebay Services has created a community atmosphere and has become a popular stop for travellers. Visitors often plan their journey around stopping at Tebay to enjoy the local food and unique shopping experience. With an emphasis on supporting local producers and showcasing regional products, Tebay Services offers a distinct and memorable experience for travellers amidst the dullness of most motorway service stops.

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