Home Technology iPhone 15 Pro’s Resident Evil 4 remake comes at a $60 price tag.

iPhone 15 Pro’s Resident Evil 4 remake comes at a $60 price tag.

iPhone 15 Pro’s Resident Evil 4 remake comes at a $60 price tag.

The highly anticipated iPhone 15 Pro version of the Resident Evil 4 remake will come with a hefty price tag. The game is set to be released later this year and will cost $59.99, the same launch price as its console counterparts. In addition to the base game, players will have the option to purchase a DLC pack for $19.99, as well as in-app purchases for weapon upgrades ranging from $2.99 to $9.99. While the price may seem steep compared to traditional mobile games, Apple is emphasizing the iPhone 15 Pro’s console-level performance capabilities, which makes paying these prices more reasonable.

Despite the high price, Apple is confident that the iPhone 15 Pro can deliver an immersive gaming experience on par with console gaming. The device is designed to run console games smoothly, which justifies the comparable pricing. Apple is showcasing the iPhone 15 Pro as a high-performance gaming device, thus positioning the cost of the Resident Evil 4 remake as a worthwhile investment for gamers who prioritize quality and performance.

To give players a taste of the game’s performance, a limited portion of the base game will be available to play for free as a trial. Additionally, the remake will support universal purchase, enabling customers to buy the game once and play it on multiple devices, including the iPhone 15 Pro, iPad, and MacBook equipped with an M1 chip or later. This feature eliminates the need for players to repurchase the game for different devices, enhancing convenience and value for consumers.

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