Home Technology Have you tried the Google One VPN? (Poll)

Have you tried the Google One VPN? (Poll)

Have you tried the Google One VPN? (Poll)

Google has announced the discontinuation of its VPN feature that was offered as part of Google One. Launched in 2020 for Android devices and later expanded to iOS and desktop platforms, the VPN was praised for its simplicity and affordability. However, Google cited lack of usage as the reason for shutting it down, with no specific numbers provided.

While the Google One VPN was a convenient add-on for subscribers, it failed to attract a significant user base. With most Google One subscribers likely focused on storage rather than additional features, the VPN remained under the radar for many. Furthermore, compared to competitors, the VPN lacked certain functionalities like the ability to spoof locations, which may have deterred more experienced users.

Although the VPN service will still be available on Pixel devices, the discontinuation comes as a disappointment for those who relied on it across various platforms. The move highlights the importance of understanding user needs and preferences when introducing supplementary services within subscription models, as the success of such offerings ultimately depends on adoption and usage.

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