Home Technology FTC & 17 states sue Amazon for alleged monopoly & antitrust violations

FTC & 17 states sue Amazon for alleged monopoly & antitrust violations

FTC & 17 states sue Amazon for alleged monopoly & antitrust violations

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and attorneys general from 17 states have filed an antitrust lawsuit against Amazon, accusing the company of maintaining its monopoly power through anticompetitive and unfair strategies. The FTC and state attorneys general argue that Amazon uses its power to increase prices on American shoppers and charge high fees on online sellers. The lawsuit specifically targets Amazon’s “sponsored products” on its e-commerce store, which often push down actual search results and prioritize paid advertisements. Additionally, Amazon Basics, the company’s own line of products, is cited as an example of monopolistic power as it is alleged to prioritize Amazon’s products over higher quality alternatives in search results.

One of the key complaints made by the FTC and state attorneys general is Amazon’s manipulation of search results through sponsored products. These advertisements often replace relevant, organic search results and contribute to a decline in search quality. The lawsuit also takes aim at Amazon Basics, claiming that the company intentionally promotes its own products over those of better quality in search results. Furthermore, the governments argue that the fees Amazon charges third-party sellers, which can account for close to 50% of their total revenues, are anticompetitive and harm both sellers and shoppers who end up paying higher prices for products.

In response to the lawsuit, Amazon has stated that it “provides a wide range of benefits and opportunities for small businesses” and will “vigorously defend itself.” The outcome of the lawsuit could have significant implications for the e-commerce giant and its business practices, as it may result in increased scrutiny of Amazon’s market dominance and potentially lead to changes in how the company operates.

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