Home Finance News Dividend Stocks to Avoid and Buy and Hold Forever in 2024

Dividend Stocks to Avoid and Buy and Hold Forever in 2024

Dividend Stocks to Avoid and Buy and Hold Forever in 2024

This article discusses the benefits and risks of investing in dividend stocks that have experienced a decline in value. Specifically, it highlights potential problems with Medical Properties Trust, a healthcare real estate investment trust (REIT), but also identifies Pfizer as a more reliable long-term investment option. Medical Properties Trust has experienced a considerable drop in its stock price and has a high dividend yield that may seem attractive, but there are underlying issues related to its business model, debt load, and challenges with its major tenant, Steward Healthcare. On the other hand, Pfizer has experienced strong growth due to its products for preventing and treating COVID-19. Although its forward yield has decreased from its peak, the company has a strategic plan to grow long-term and remains a viable investment for the future.

Medical Properties Trust’s downfall is attributed to multiple factors, including high debt relative to its income, struggle to collect rent payments from its tenants, and the need to potentially cut its dividend in the future. Conversely, Pfizer’s success in developing COVID-19 related products has led to financial growth, although it faces challenges transitioning to long-term business growth subsequent to the decline in COVID-19 cases. However, with a strong product pipeline and strategic plans for acquisitions and research and development, Pfizer seems better positioned for long-term success compared to Medical Properties Trust.

Investors should carefully consider the risks and benefits associated with dividend stocks before making investment decisions, as certain stocks that initially seem attractive may have underlying issues, while others may have strong potential for long-term growth and income. Understanding the broader context and potential challenges within specific industries and companies is essential for informed decision-making when it comes to investing in dividend stocks.

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