Home Technology Disney+ to enforce password sharing policies, beginning in Canada

Disney+ to enforce password sharing policies, beginning in Canada

Disney+ to enforce password sharing policies, beginning in Canada

Disney+ will implement new restrictions in Canada starting November 1, preventing users from sharing their accounts with individuals outside their households, unless they are willing to pay extra. The announcement was made via an email sent to subscribers, following comments by Disney CEO Bob Iger during an earnings call in August. This move aligns Disney with Netflix, which began cracking down on password sharing in the United States and other countries earlier this year. The updated terms of service specify that a household only includes devices associated with the primary personal residence and used by its occupants. While details about the additional fees for adding outside members have not been released, Netflix’s model charges an extra $8 per person per month.

Previously, Iger stated that Disney was targeting 2024 to address the issue of account sharing. However, the company has decided to initiate the crackdown earlier than anticipated in Canada. The prevalence of account sharing is considered a significant challenge that may take more than a year to resolve. It remains unclear how Disney+ plans to enforce the ban on mobile devices or when it will be implemented in other regions. On November 1, Disney+ users in Canada and parts of Europe will also gain access to the platform’s ad-supported tier, which has been available in the US since 2022. However, for those who rely on their parents’ Disney+ account, the addition of a cheaper ad-supported tier is unlikely to offset being kicked off the service.

Overall, Disney+ is taking steps to limit account sharing in Canada, following in the footsteps of Netflix. The streaming service will restrict sharing to only members within the same household, with the option for users to pay additional fees to add outside members. Although Disney originally aimed for 2024 to start tackling this issue, the crackdown in Canada is happening earlier than planned. The company recognizes that addressing the significant problem of account sharing may take more than a year to fully resolve. It remains to be seen how Disney+ will enforce the ban on mobile devices and when the restrictions will be expanded to other regions. Additionally, starting November 1, Canadian and certain European Disney+ users will have access to a less expensive ad-supported tier; however, this may not compensate for those who will lose access due to the heightened account restrictions.

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