Home Business Dave Ramsey speechless as Virginia woman seeks advice for ‘disconnected’ spouse

Dave Ramsey speechless as Virginia woman seeks advice for ‘disconnected’ spouse

Dave Ramsey speechless as Virginia woman seeks advice for ‘disconnected’ spouse

Linda, a 64-year-old woman, sought personal finance expert Dave Ramsey’s advice on her marital and financial issues. Linda and her husband are approaching retirement, but they have different views on money. While Linda earns about $115,000 a year and owns assets, pays off debt, and saves for retirement, her husband only brings in $45,000 and has no retirement savings. He is also not interested in helping with Linda’s rental properties. Their financial disconnect has created tension in their marriage, and Linda is unsure how to address the situation. Ramsey suggests seeking marriage counseling, but Linda’s husband is resistant, leaving her at a loss for what to do.

According to research conducted by Ramsey Solutions, financial disagreements are a major source of conflict for couples with consumer debt. In contrast, those who have a strong marriage tend to set long-term financial goals together. In Linda’s case, the issue goes beyond finances and is rooted in their marriage dynamics. The couple maintains separate bank accounts and treat their relationship more like roommates than spouses. Ramsey and his co-host, Dr. John Delony, discuss the severity of Linda’s situation and consider the possibility of her leaving the marriage if the issues persist. They stress the importance of open communication about money and other important aspects of a relationship before entering into a marriage or lifelong commitment.

Ramsey concludes that he is unable to provide a definitive solution for Linda’s predicament. He suggests that early intervention, such as seeking the help of a marriage counselor, is crucial in addressing these issues. Delony emphasizes that the financial disconnect in their marriage is a form of infidelity, as Linda’s husband is essentially taking advantage of her financial stability. The article concludes by reiterating the importance of addressing financial concerns early on in relationships to prevent future strains on the marriage.

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