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California and Nevada hit by massive blizzard in US storm.

California and Nevada hit by massive blizzard in US storm.

A massive blizzard is wreaking havoc on parts of California and Nevada in the western United States, causing major road closures, power outages, and ski resort shutdowns. With wind gusts reaching 305km/h (190mph) in the mountainous Sierra Nevada region, a “high to extreme avalanche danger” warning has been issued, especially for the greater Lake Tahoe area. Thousands of customers in California and Nevada are without power, with a 75-mile stretch of the Interstate 80 highway shut down due to blizzard conditions.

The impact of the snowstorm is particularly severe in mountain areas, where over 3m (10ft) of snow is expected at higher elevations, posing a “life-threatening concern” for residents near Lake Tahoe. Ski resorts around the lake have closed, leaving communities at higher elevations struggling to cope with the extreme weather conditions. Yosemite National Park was closed with visitors asked to leave, while weather forecasters advise people to stay put over the weekend as it may take significant time to clear snow from blocked roads.

As the blizzard continues to disrupt normal life in California and Nevada, other parts of the US are also battling extreme weather conditions. In Texas, wildfires are raging, presenting a challenge to firefighters who are working to contain the massive blaze amidst adverse weather circumstances. The impact of these natural disasters underscores the unpredictability and severity of climate events that demand preparation and response measures to protect lives and property.

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