Home Technology Alienware Unveils 500Hz Gaming Monitor with AMD FreeSync Premium

Alienware Unveils 500Hz Gaming Monitor with AMD FreeSync Premium

Alienware Unveils 500Hz Gaming Monitor with AMD FreeSync Premium

Alienware, a prominent gaming brand, is set to release a new version of its high-performance gaming monitor for users with AMD graphics cards. The monitor, called AW2524HF, is designed to provide tear- and stutter-free gaming experiences, thanks to its AMD FreeSync and VESA AdaptiveSync certification. It boasts a low response time of 0.5ms to eliminate motion blur and ghosting effects. Additionally, the display is HDR10-compatible, offers 99 percent sRGB color coverage, and utilizes a Fast IPS panel for consistent visuals from any viewing angle. The monitor also features a retractable hanger for headsets, a height-adjustable hexagonal base, and multiple connectivity options.

The AW2524HF is equipped with advanced features to enhance gaming experiences. By having AMD FreeSync and VESA AdaptiveSync certification, users can expect smooth and seamless gameplay with minimal tearing and stuttering. Its 0.5ms response time ensures that fast-paced motions are displayed without motion blur or ghosting effects, enhancing clarity and visual quality. Moreover, the monitor’s HDR10-compatibility and 99 percent sRGB color coverage offer vibrant and accurate colors for immersive gaming experiences. The Fast IPS panel technology guarantees consistent visuals, regardless of the viewing angle, providing an optimal gaming experience for users.

In addition to its gaming-focused features, the AW2524HF prioritizes convenience and ergonomics. The built-in retractable hanger for headsets allows users to conveniently store their headsets when not in use, minimizing clutter on the desk. The height-adjustable hexagonal base is designed to occupy minimal desk space, ensuring a clean and organized gaming setup. Furthermore, the monitor offers various connectivity options, including two DisplayPort 1.4 slots, one HDMI 2.1 port, and five USB 3.2 spaces, allowing users to connect multiple devices without limitations. With a competitive price of $650, the AW2524HF will be available for purchase from Dell’s website on September 12th, with UK pricing and availability to be revealed later by Alienware.

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