Home Finance News Nvidia Stock Taking a Breather Before Next Surge.

Nvidia Stock Taking a Breather Before Next Surge.

Nvidia Stock Taking a Breather Before Next Surge.

In recent weeks, Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA) stock has remained steady around $125 per share, prompting some investors to worry about the future prospects of the company. However, a closer look at Nvidia’s fundamentals suggests that there may still be room for further growth in the stock price. Despite the current trading pattern, it’s important not to jump to conclusions and overlook the potential for Nvidia to reach even higher priced levels in the near future and beyond.

The sideways movement in Nvidia stock may be attributed to the Wall Street summer doldrums, a period of decreased stock market activity during the vacation season. Additionally, the market has already factored in Nvidia’s latest earnings release, with the next one scheduled for August 21. Looking ahead, there are several factors, such as ongoing growth and the development of the Rubin next-generation AI chip platform, that could drive a significant surge in Nvidia’s stock price in the coming quarters.

Sell-side earnings forecasts for Nvidia continue to vary, but following the upcoming earnings release, Wall Street consensus could experience a significant upward revision. This could lead to a reevaluation of Nvidia’s growth potential, potentially pushing the stock price back above its previous high water mark of $140 per share and even surpassing $200 per share. With these considerations in mind, investors may want to consider seizing the opportunity to invest in Nvidia before the summer slowdown comes to an end.

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