Home Technology Google Pixel 9 Upgraded with New Modem and Satellite Connectivity

Google Pixel 9 Upgraded with New Modem and Satellite Connectivity

Google Pixel 9 Upgraded with New Modem and Satellite Connectivity

Despite being overlooked by most consumers, the modem in smartphones plays a crucial role in ensuring connectivity. Pixel users have faced various connectivity issues in recent years, making it a significant concern for the series. However, with advancements in modem technology, the upcoming Pixel 9 series is set to address these issues and offer improved connectivity solutions. The integration of satellite connectivity in the Samsung Modem 5400, part of the new Tensor G4 in the Pixel 9 series, is a notable upgrade that promises faster and more stable connections.

The transition to the semi-custom Tensor chips in 2021 brought about some challenges with Exynos modems, impacting the stability of software running on Pixels. Although improvements have been made with each generation, such as the implementation of the Exynos Modem 5300 in the Pixel 8 series, occasional connectivity issues still persist. The introduction of the Samsung Modem 5400 in the Pixel 9 series brings hope for a more reliable experience. Moreover, with Android 15 supporting satellite-based messaging and emergency services, Pixel users can look forward to enhanced communication capabilities in the future.

The Pixel 9 series, alongside the next-generation Pixel Fold and a potential 5G tablet, will feature the Samsung Modem 5400, paving the way for support for satellite communications. The inclusion of the Satellite Gateway app and Android’s native satellite implementation will enable users to effectively communicate via text in emergency situations. While not a Qualcomm modem, the Samsung Modem 5400 offers significant upgrades in terms of speed, efficiency, and stability. These developments reflect Google’s commitment to providing a seamless connectivity experience for its users.

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