Home Latest News Barges break loose near Pittsburgh, closing McKees Rocks Bridge.

Barges break loose near Pittsburgh, closing McKees Rocks Bridge.

Barges break loose near Pittsburgh, closing McKees Rocks Bridge.

The authorities in Pittsburgh took precautionary measures by closing the McKees Rocks Bridge on the Ohio River after several barges broke loose late Friday. The McKees Rocks Police Department mentioned the risk of the barges coming into contact with the bridge’s “substructure” as the reason for the closure, emphasizing that they were not willing to take any chances. This closure was significant as the bridge, which has been open since 1931, serves as a vital transportation link between Pittsburgh and the borough of McKees Rocks, with around 25,000 vehicles crossing it daily.

Following reports of the loose barges, Pittsburgh authorities launched a search operation to locate them, with approximately 15 to 20 barges drifting in the river. The reason behind the barges breaking free and the potential for any injuries or damages remained unclear as of early Saturday. Additionally, a flood warning was in place for Allegheny County, including the Ohio River in Pittsburgh, as water levels had risen above the flood stage, reaching 25 feet by Saturday afternoon, according to the National Weather Service. This situation added complexity to the ongoing efforts to secure the loose barges and ensure the safety of the surrounding area.

The incident with the barges on the Ohio River comes shortly after a catastrophic event where a container ship struck Baltimore’s Key Bridge, leading to its collapse and causing six fatalities. This recent series of bridge-related incidents has raised concerns about the structural integrity of major bridges across the United States. As authorities work to address the immediate threats posed by loose barges and potential flooding in Pittsburgh, the focus remains on ensuring the safety of infrastructure and transportation networks in the region.

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