Home Technology Apple urges action against rise in phishing attacks.

Apple urges action against rise in phishing attacks.

Apple urges action against rise in phishing attacks.

Apple has issued a warning to iPhone users about an increase in deceptive phishing scams, where hackers use sophisticated tactics to trick individuals into providing personal information. These scams often come in the form of emails posing as reputable companies, fake popup ads, and convincing phone calls known as spoofing. In some cases, scammers claim there is suspicious activity on an account or device, leading individuals to a fake website to disclose sensitive information.

The rise of AI technology has made fake voices more convincing, leading to an increase in voice scams where scammers impersonate family members. Additionally, traditional email scams involving malware are becoming more discreet, raising concerns among experts as billions of dollars are lost each year to fraud, especially targeting vulnerable populations like the elderly. Despite efforts to prevent phishing scams, criminals continue to find new ways to deceive individuals and steal personal information.

To protect against phishing scams, Apple recommends looking for signs such as discrepancies in sender information, URLs that do not match a company’s official website, and requests for sensitive information like credit card details. Users are advised to avoid sharing passwords and to use two-factor authentication for added security. It is crucial to exercise caution when receiving unexpected communications or suspicious requests for personal information, and to refrain from making payments with Apple gift cards or downloading unfamiliar software.

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