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Apex Legends Players Are Considering Walking Away

Apex Legends Players Are Considering Walking Away

The latest update from Apex Legends has sparked controversy among long-time fans, as the game announced changes to its battle pass system. While the game will now offer two 60-rank battle passes every six weeks, players are still required to pay roughly the same amount as before. This move has led to backlash from players who feel that they are being asked to grind more while paying the price of multiple new games each year if they want to maximize rewards.

The backlash has been particularly evident on social media platforms, with tweets and Reddit threads expressing disappointment and frustration with the changes. Many players have threatened to quit the game altogether, citing the battle pass controversy as the final straw after months of other issues within the game. The negative sentiment has also been reflected in Steam reviews, with the game receiving a “mixed” rating on the platform.

As the discontent among the player base continues to grow, some are questioning the future of Apex Legends. Concurrent player numbers have been declining, and the game’s overall popularity seems to be waning. The battle pass controversy has only served to amplify existing frustrations within the community, leading some to believe that the game may be in need of a significant reset to address ongoing issues and win back lapsed players.

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